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Welcome to Raging Chaos!

We are a fun loving and happy guild! We treat each other as family and we each have a part to play in that family.  We do have a few rules, but they are pretty generic.

Rule #1- No begging. This means no begging for Plvls, gold, weapons, armor, or anything else you could possibly think of to beg for. We hold biweekly plvl events for lower lvls. This does not mean that it is okay to ask in Guild chat. 

Rule # 2- Show respect to your fellow Guildies!  We try hard to make sure that everyone is having a good time.  If someone is giving you problems in guild, come to an officer or even the Guild leader.  Thats what we are here for!

Rule # 3- Guildies do not pay for plvls. self explanatory! Would you make your mom pay to eat dinner at your house (all honesty now!) ok then, so we dont expect guildies to pay for plvls! Having others that are not in guild however, thats fine :)

Rule #4- Once we start GRB's (Guild Ranking Battle) If you are seen online during. We expect you to be there.  If we put out the call in guild chat, and you do not show, you go on probation (rank 8). Second time- is your final warning (Rank 9). 3rd time- you are kicked from guild, which we would hate to see that happen, so don't miss GRB!

Rule #5- Above all, Have fun! It's just a game! If you respect others, you show that you respect yourself. Officers and Guild Leaders are your friends. Talk to us if you need us! No problem too big or too little for us to solve! 

If you have any ideas, please send the guild leader a message, It will then be talked over and discussed during officer meetings. 

Happy Grinding!!!
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Dragonbabyx3, Sep 11, 12 8:37 PM.
Come one, Come all! Plvl events biweekly! Will be fridays at 9 pm EST unless otherwise noted. Look forward to see you there! 
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